Phoebe Control System


Phoebe Control System

Alpha Air has off the shelf Panels and Software

Easy Configurable

This option has 16 switch inputs that can be used for PIRs, Momentary Switches,

thermostats etc.

There are many different reports that cover every aspect of running Alpha Business Management System. We can also design specific reports for you on request.

Full Customisation.

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  • 16 Switches
  • 16 Relays
  • Modbus Interface (HVAC)
  • PIRs
  • M-Bus Meters
  • 4 Analogue Inputs
  • Recorded Faults
  • Remote Access




  • EnOcean
  • Emergency Light Testing
  • Manual Over-ride Relays
  • Modbus Interface (HVAC)
  • Warning Sensors
  • More Relays
  • More Switches