About Us



We are a highly respected and experienced team with 25 years of high tech involvement in all aspects of the construction industry.

Over the past two years, Alpha-Air has developed a highly sophisticated management system  capable of controlling all aspects of your light, heat and water usage, using the latest technical advances and their unfailing commitment to the environment and attention to detail, Alpha-Air has produced an unrivalled monitoring system.

The Alpha-Air system is compact, wireless, and highly efficient in every aspect of its use.  Its ability to control your lighting, heating and water from any computer, tablet, lap top or mobile phone is unrivalled in its application and ease of use.

With our ever increasing reliance on energy, it is paramount that we do monitor our consumption in order to conserve our resources .

Alpha-Air can achieve this with ease and simplicity using our interactive wireless or wired control panel.

In a rapidly growing electronic and digital world, this is the most cost effective system on the market in this field.